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This website is dedicated to the follow-up of the review studies for Ecodesign and Labelling regulations for space and water heaters, that were finalised in June 2019.

The aim of this follow-up project is to provide technical support to the European Commission, providing inputs to Working Documents for the revision of the following regulations:

  • Space/combination heaters: Commission Regulation (EU) No 813/2013 and Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) No 811/2013
  • Water heaters: Commission Regulation (EU) No 814/2013 and Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) No 812/2013

The project is carried out by VHK, for the European Commission, DG Energy. The project has started at the end of October 2019 and will be finalised by November 2021.

  • "Study" presents the project structure, Working Groups topics and meeting schedule in more detail.
  • "Documents" contains the latest documents available.
  • "Mailing List" offers subscription to our mailing list so you can be informed on study updates.

What's new?



25 May 2020 WG4 Interim Report available
21 May 2020 Multiple stakeholders positions/opinions/comments available for download
10 April 2020

WG2 presentations available for download

Multiple stakeholders positions/opinions/comments available for download

13 March 2020

Discussion Document for 1st WG2 meeting TESTING available for download

10 March 2020

WG3 VHK Presentation of 10 March 2020

24 Feb 2020

WG3 Documents (Draft Agenda, Discussion Document, Table) available

14 Feb 2020

WG1 Presentations of 13 Feb 2020 (VHK, Stedin, BDR Thermea, eurogas)

13 Feb 2020

WG4 Presentation of 20 Jan 2020

7 Feb 2020

Minutes of WG4 meeting 20-1-2020 and stakeholder comments available for download

20 Januay 2020

Discussion Document for 1st WG 1 meeting available for download.

2 December 2019

Launch of project website.


Notes about this website

The results of the review studies were presented before on this website for space/combination heaters and on for water heaters. The website remains the reference of the completed water heaters review study. This website will continue as study website for the current follow-up Impact Assessment study that includes both product groups in a single project.

Due to privacy laws, people who have only subscribed for the mailing list at in the past will have to re-subscribe at Those who subscribed on this website in the past do not need to re-subscribe again.

The documents of the former review studies can still be accessed through this website. See the menu sections Review Study Space/Combination heaters 2017-2019 or Review Study Water Heaters 2017-2019.

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